Destiny 2 vidoc teases new Shadowkeep details and future seasons

With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light now just two weeks away, Bungie has dropped a new vidoc overview of everything that's coming in the first season of year 3. Much of it recaps things that are already know, such as the major armor rework, but there are a few hints at new things too.

The video teases the role Eris Morn will play in the expansion, as game director Luke Smith says she's going to make a discovery on the moon that's "really important to where Destiny is going." [Minor potential spoilers incoming] There's a widely circulated community-theory that what she'll find relates to the game's so-far-unseen Big Bad, better known as The Darkness, and not to be confused with the ludicrous English glam rock band of the same name.

There's also a look at the rune table, which seems like it will give players more control over their loot drops. Whether that entails a system similar to the way runes work with the Menagerie's Chalice of Opulence system, or whether it could hit at an actual reforging mechanic, remains to be seen.

We also got confirmation that the Shadowkeep dungeon is in fact on the moon, and if you look closely you can see a new linear fusion rifle just past the six-minute mark—it's apparently the first non-Veist legendary linear fusion rifle in the game, which may or may not excite you. 

The video briefly hints about the seasons that will follow Undying—the season after Undying is visible as "Dawn" on the whiteboard seen in the video, although that may be just a placeholder—and there might be something up with the exotic quest slated to arrive on October 29: In the Shadowkeep roadmap revealed last week it's listed as Divinity, but in the video it's called Xenophage. Likely just a rename, but anything is possible.

No Earth-shaking revelations here then, but it is interesting that Bungie is so eagerly lining things up for the rest of Year 3 already. The promise that season 11 is "going to be like no other time in Destiny" is obviously hype, but the team is clearly headed to something.

Before any of that, though, we've got Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light, both of which will arrive on October 1.

Andy Chalk

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