Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is coming in September, according to preorder page

Bungie is running out of things to announce for Destiny 2. The Shadowkeep expansion, which was datamined earlier this week, appeared briefly on the Microsoft Store, revealing preorder details and the return of Eris Morn. 

According to the listing, Shadowkeep will introduce a new dungeon and raid, along with a new location on the Moon. Players will pop back to Earth's gloomy neighbour to help out Eris Morn slay the source of her "haunting visions" before it knocks Earth into another dark age. Eris is a obsessed with the Hive, so expect them to make an appearance. 

You won't need to own any of the other expansions, and it will also be available in a bundle with the base game. Preordering it, which you can't do yet, will net you a fancy rocket launcher and a Hive ornament, while the Deluxe pack also includes season passes with exclusive activities and rewards, an emote, a new shell for your Ghost and an emblem. 

It looks like Destiny 2 will also be getting cross-saving, too, according to another datamine. 

Bungie will be making an announcement later today, at 6pm BST/10 am PT, so we should find out more about the expansion then. According to the store page, it's due out on September 17. 

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Fraser Brown
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