How to get Rose in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Rose hand cannon
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The Destiny 2 Rose hand cannon is one of the new guns we're getting in the Season of the Seraph, though truth-be-told, it's not actually all that new. Rose first appeared during the Season of Opulence as part of the Lumina exotic questline, but that was all the way back in 2019. With the new revamped Crucible, Bungie has also brought back this beloved hand cannon for players to earn.

It's got some pretty nasty PvP rolls, too, with Quickdraw and Explosive Payload in its perk pool. For those just starting the Season of the Seraph, you might want to know how Override Frequency works, and where to find all of the chests on Luna and Europa so you can get red border Seventh Seraph weapons. Otherwise, here's what you need to do to claim Rose in the new season of Destiny 2.

How to get Rose in Destiny 2 

To earn Rose, the returning legendary hand cannon, you're going to have to first complete your placement series in the new overhauled Crucible. Essentially, these seven matches played in the competitive playlist determine where you start in terms of rank, and how far you'll have to push in this season to get to platinum rank. Make sure you head to Shaxx first in the Tower in order to grab the quest.

You have to play seven games in the competitive playlist to get Rose and unlock ranked play (Image credit: Bungie)

Once you've finished your six matches and received a placement, you can return to Shaxx and collect Rose for yourself. It's worth noting that right now there is a bug that means some players aren't getting Rose when they complete the quest. Bungie is currently investigating, but if you didn't get it on completion of your placement, that's probably why.

Luckily that isn't your last chance to earn Rose. As detailed in this TWAB a while back, each character will have a weekly competitive division challenge to complete that will let them earn another upon completion. So, if you're looking for a particular roll, this is your best bet of getting it, though considering the current bug, you may have to wait until next week to try it.

What is the Rose god roll? 

As a 140 rpm hand cannon, Rose is firmly in the competitive bracket, and its new iteration has some extremely good PvP perks. In terms of barrel and magazine, I'd go for the popular duo of Corkscrew Rifling and Accurized Rounds, giving you a boost to range, stability, and handling. While not as strong as it used to be, Quickdraw is still very good if you're using Rose alongside a special weapon, and it's currently the only 140 rpm that can roll with Quickdraw. Explosive Payload is another decent perk if you want to deal more damage at range, since explosive damage doesn't have a ranged falloff. That said, Snapshot Sights would also pair well with Quickdraw for fast precision kills.

Other decent options are Moving Target and Opening Shot if you really want to push for aim assist and accuracy, or Perpetual Motion and Eye of the Storm if you want significantly better handling after sprinting and when taking damage. Honestly, it's one of the best hand cannon perk pools that's been added to Destiny 2 for a while, and any number of combos will help improve your accuracy, handling, and ability to quickly three shot opponents.

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