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The Destiny 2 Resonance Amp locations may not be quite as tricky as what Bungie usually throws our way, but if you just want to quickly unlock some chests to get Seventh Seraph weapons, they can be a bit of a pain to track down. These floating triangular objects are hidden across Luna, Europa, and in the new exotic missions, but you'll first need an Override Code to open one.

When you complete the first missions for Season of the Seraph, you'll receive a Resonance Amp that can be found in your inventory. Gather four Resonant Stems by completing activities, and you can slot them in to get a chest location clue. You need to do this in order to open that specific chest. The clue will always be structured as the destination/region/geographical feature/where the chest is, so they aren't too hard to find by yourself, especially as they play classical music when you get close.

That said, I've collected together the locations for all 16 that are in the game—there are six on Luna, another six on Europa, and four in the Seraph's Shield mission. Like Opulent Chests from Season of the Haunted, these also have a chance to give you red border Seraph weapons, helping you unlock them for crafting. Considering the number of secret triumphs there are this season, chances are more Resonance Amp locations will be added before the end, but for now, here's where to find them. As always, don't forget you can cycle through each gallery to see the chest or how to get to it.

Europa Resonance Amp locations

There are six Resonance Amp chests to collect on Europa, which will earn you the Music Theory I triumph.

Europa Crossing Outpost Wall

Find this one near Variks at Charon's Crossing on Europa. Head out the door and jump off the ledge ahead of you to find a hidden lower level with the chest. 

Europa Ridge Road Ledge

Head west along the road from Charon's Crossing into Cadmus Ridge, and you'll spot some spiky posts along the side of the road just before that little Vex cage. Jump down to the left to find a lower ledge with the chest. 

Europa Eventide Dome Catwalk

Inside the giant dome in the Eventide Ruins on Europa. Head there and jump up to the platform above, before following the catwalk to the top to find the chest. 

Europa Eventide Cliff Refuge

Head to the east side of the Eventide Ruins on Europa and you'll find a hidden path in the cliff leading down to a cave with the chest. This is also where you first met Mithrax in Season of the Splicer. 

Europa Beyond Cliff Landing

Follow the road east from the Exo Stranger in Beyond on Europa and follow it to its end to find the chest. This is also the place where you started Beyond Light.  

Europa Abyss Fissure Construct

Located in the Asterion Abyss on Europa. Look for the fissure that splits the area down the middle, then follow it eastwards to where it meets the giant Vex construct at the centre. You can find the chest hidden at its base. 

Luna Resonance Amp locations

There are six Resonance Amp chests to collect on the moon, which will earn you the Music Theory II triumph.

Luna Sanctuary Stage Backdrop

Just behind where Eris stands at Sanctuary on Luna. Jump down behind her to find a lower level where you can find the chest. 

Luna Anchor Tower Rotunda

In the big ruined circular building that you can see as soon as you enter the Anchor of Light on Luna, when coming from Sanctuary. Jump up to the open doorway or behind the building to get inside and find the chest against a wall. 

Luna Archer Dome Catwalk

Located in the dome on the east side of Archer's Line on Luna. Similar to the Eventide Ruin's dome, head inside and follow the catwalk to find the chest.

Luna Archer Crevasse Crash

Coming from Sanctuary towards Archer's Line on Luna, you'll find a small bridge that crosses a ravine. Follow it west and jump down to find the chest near a crashed ship. 

Luna Hellmouth Outcropping Alcove

In the north-east side of the Hellmouth on Luna, you can find a big cave filled with Hive.  The road runs through the cave and you'll find the chest on the side furthest away from the giant pit. 

Luna Sorrow Altar Recess

In Sorrow's Harbor on Luna, near the north-east circular Altar of Sorrow. Head into the cave opening next to it and travel through to find the chest. 

Seraph's Shield Resonance Amp locations

There are four Resonance Amp locations in the new exotic mission, Operation: Seraph's Shield. Since you get a random one when you input stems, you may have to run the mission multiple times to get them all. Here they are in order of when they appear. These nodes also seem to give guaranteed red border Seraph weapons.

Orbital Engineering Shaft Platform

After you've gone up the elevator and completed the first scanner puzzle on the station, a door will open to a shaft with a servitor on a platform ahead of you. If you can look down and see out into space, you're in the right place. Jump up to the highest platform to find the node.

Orbital Engineering Servers Columns

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After you complete the microwave room puzzle where you have to step on safe tiles and hit switches, you'll enter into a room with Hive enemies. Head into the red-lit section off to the left to find the node between two pillars.

Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall

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After you enter back into the station after jumping around in space, you'll be faced with the Hive boss for a second time. Defeat him, and then look to the right side of the room to find the node at the end of a corridor with fluctuating lasers.

Orbital Control Nexus Upload

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This is the easiest one, since it's right after you defeat the last boss. Head into the final room to upload the virus and you'll find it against the far left wall.

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