Destiny 2: How to unlock the Lorentz Driver exotic linear fusion rifle

destiny 2 lorentz driver exotic
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It's Season of the Lost time, baby! And there's a brand new exotic to claim for premium season pass holders. While there will be a few new exotics to hunt alongside the usual ritual weapons, premium season pass owners get the Destiny 2 Lorentz Driver exotic linear fusion rifle right from the off. 

Destiny 2 Lorentz Driver exotic: How to get the new fusion rifle 

To claim your new reward, head to the season pass tab and select it. Its Intrinsic Perk is Lagrangian Sight, where it marks targets with an automated targeting system. Final blows on marked targets generate a telemetry pattern and picking it up grants bonus ability energy. Collecting three without dying grants extra weapon damage for a short time.

It's a pretty stable weapon that does decent damage, has good handling and range. Reaching level 100 in the season pass will earn you a nice ornament called Stable prototype for it, too, which makes it gold and shiny. Free season pass holders can also get this weapon, but you'll need to rank up to over 40 to get your gauntlets on it.

Other season pass delights include masterwork cores, Glimmer, Parallax Trajectory Spikes, Legendary Shards, transmat effects and more. There will also be a few class-specific ornaments up for grabs, too.

You can check out everything that's coming in Season of the Lost here, as well as what to expect in The Witch Queen expansion next February. We've also got guides on how to get the Wayfinder's Compass Artifact and how to start the Tracing the Stars quest. The Bungie 30th celebration starts this December and it brings the return of Gjallarhorn, at last.

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