Discover the darkest reaches of Europa with this Destiny 2 Lost Sectors guide

destiny 2 europa perdition chest location
(Image credit: Bungie)

Looking for the Destiny 2 Europa Perdition location? Exploration is a key factor in Destiny 2’s appeal. Its stunning vision of our solar system’s future, complete with Bungie’s breathtaking environment design, makes adventuring with your pals rewarding in a way that goes beyond material gains like new weapons or perks (although those are nice too). 

With the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Bungie has completely shaken up the game’s core content, thereby reinvigorating its explorative potential. There’s loads to discover, from mysterious Lost Sectors to hidden collectibles known as Destiny 2 Entropic Shards.

 Thanks to the Season of the Hunt, there’s also more to Beyond Light's Lost Sectors than initially appears. Here’s the lowdown on Destiny 2’s most enigmatic zones, and how to find the Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector. 

What is a Lost Sector?

Lost Sectors are small explorable areas in Destiny 2. They’ve been around for a long time, but with passing years their significance in the game has grown. In Year Two, Legendary Lost Sectors were added. With the Season of the Hunt, these appear to be even more important.

Regardless of the type of Lost Sector, they all have a boss at the end and a special cache that offers bonus glimmer and engrams. If you’ve recently exploited the Lost Sector glitch on the EDZ, you’ll know these caches can be extremely beneficial. 

Destiny 2 Europa Perdition location: Where are the Lost Sectors on Europa?

Below, you can find all the locations for Europa’s Lost Sectors:

  • The Perdition Lost Sector can be found in the North East area of Cadmus Ridge, nestled into the glacial wall. 
  • The Concealed Void can be found in a small cave underneath the Vex structures in Asterion Abyss.
  • Bunker E15 can be found in the Eventide Ruins, behind a wall and through a door inside the large central building.

Inside these Lost Sectors, you can also find locked chests. These locked chests can only be opened when you’ve harnessed the power of the Darkness with the help of the Exo Stranger. In other words, you will need to complete the Beyond Light campaign before cracking these chests. Once opened, they’ll will reward you with ‘aged armor’. This can be returned to Variks in exchange for various pieces of Europa armour through the quests. 

What’s so important about Legendary (and Master) Lost Sectors now?

Currently, the Legendary and Master Lost Sectors are the only known source of the new Exotic armours available in Beyond Light (though they aren’t guaranteed drops). Regardless, there’s an opportunity earn a slot-specific exotic for completing these events solo, a factor that’ll cause many solo players to jump in given the speed they can be cleared when at the right Power Level.

What are the requirements for completing Legendary Lost Sectors?

The requirements are straightforward. You must have found and completed the Lost Sector and your Power Level must be 1200. The recommended Power Levels for the Lost Sectors are 1250 for Legendary difficulty and 1280 for Master. Next to Master Nightfalls, these are the most difficult activities currently playable prior to the release of the Grandmaster difficulty on December 22.

(Image credit: Bungie)

How do Legendary and Master Lost Sectors differ from standard ones?

Beyond the Power Level requirements, Legendary and Master Lost Sectors differ in several ways. They contain various champions, requiring weapon-specific mods like Overload Rounds, Anti-Barrier Rounds, and Unstoppable Rounds. They also have a 15-minute timer, and you only have a total of three revives. Finally, only one Legendary and one Master Lost Sector are available at any given time, operating on rotation. 

Are there any other rewards?

On top of the exotic rewards for completing these events solo, enhancement cores are also noted as uncommon rewards for the activity. As a bonus, you can also get your standard rewards from the end of Lost Sector cache.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Lost Sectors and Legendary Lost Sectors in the Season of the Hunt. You might not be able to tackle the more difficult Legendary Lost Sectors yet, but it’s only be a matter of time until you are smashing them solo.