How to find Entropic Shards in Destiny 2

all Destiny 2 entropic shards locations
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Where are all the Destiny 2 Entropic Shards locations? Beyond Light has already caused a flurry of community speculation, with thousands of players clamoring to discover the Next Big Secret. One of those secrets is the mystery behind the immune Entropic Shards found across Europa. 

What are they? How do you destroy them? And what do they do? These are the big questions the community is asking. Here's our Destiny 2 Entropic Shard locations guide to help you find out.

What is an Entropic Shard?

Entropic shards resemble small Pyramid ships. They are immune to standard weapon damage and can be found throughout Europa. 

To destroy them, you'll need the Destiny 2 Salvation's Grip exotic, a grenade launcher that can be unlocked through the 'Stasis Prototype' exotic quest. When you have this in your possession, all you need to do is find the shards and shoot them.

All Destiny 2 Entropic Shards locations known so far

Here are all the currently known locations of Entropic Shards in Beyond Light.

RIIS Reborn Approach

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This is the first of three locations where you can find an Entropic Shard after taking the second gravity lift up to RIIS Reborn Approach. Immediately after you ascend the second gravity lift, jump over the stairs and look back towards the lifts, where you will find your first Entropic Shard. 

Kell's Rising

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After you find the first shard, traverse RIIS Reborn Approach until you reach Kell's Rising. Here, continue until the very end where you fought a boss in the campaign. From there, jump up to the building on the right and check under the stairs.  

Technocrats Iron

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The final Entropic Shard to find after taking the gravity lifts up to RIIS Reborn Approach is within Technocrats Iron. You'll need to continue through this area until you enter a room with four pillars. The Entropic Shard can be found next to the first pillar on your right, floating high as you enter the area. 

Cadmus Ridge

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The next Entropic Shard is found in Cadmus Ridge and is fairly easy to find. Just head to the North East of the area and look around the large frozen wall, where you'll find the shard. 

Concealed Void

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This shard can be found in the Lost Sector boss area of the Concealed Void. While in the room, look up and you'll see it floating above the centre of the hole in the roof. 

Asterion Abyss

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As you leave Concealed Void, you can find another Entropic Shard. Scale the large cubic building until you reach the top, where the Entropic Shard will be waiting.  

Bunker E15

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This shard is found tucked behind some metal bars in the room where you fight a Vex turret. After you've cleared the room, look backwards towards the big glass window, then up to the top right. You'll just be able to see a sliver of the shard. Shoot it. 

Eventide Ruins

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Now for the last currently obtainable Entropic Shard, at time of writing. This can be found within the remnants of a destroyed building where you'd enter Eventide Ruins from Asterion's Abyss. Go towards the jagged metal structure and look deep inside to discover a Entropic Shard.  

The final Entropic Shard

The final Shard is currently unobtainable through legitimate means, but the community has found it floating outside of the play area in the Eternity section of Europa. When and how this space will become available is still unknown, but be sure this guide will be updated once it does.  

Destiny 2 Entropic Shards rewards

Entropic Shards aren't meaningless collectibles. You need to destroy five of the shards as part of a questline, while destroying all nine will net you a triumph (Regarding Stasis Lore) and a Stasis Shard to upgrade your subclasses. 

Whether you've stumbled across these shards, or have been patiently waiting for the final locations, hopefully this guide has you along the way.