Destiny 2: Where to find the Week 2 Enigmatic and Trivial Mysteries

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There are new Enigmatic and Trivial Mysteries available to find in the Shattered Realm this week in Destiny 2, which will progress the latest Ley Line secrets challenge. There are two Enigmatic Mysteries to find this time around, so make sure you unlock the True Sight upgrade from the Wayfinder's Compass before you begin. You can do this by completing the Wayfinder's Voyage mission from the H.E.L.M. 

Destiny 2: Where to find the Enigmatic Mysteries

This week, you'll be entering the Shattered Realm: Debris of Dreams. Align the first Awoken Beacon as usual then head towards the big building on the right, keeping your eye out for a metal fan. There should be a bunch of Scorn nearby so take them out and jump down into the pit below. You'll receive the slowed debuff at this point and loads of adds will spawn. 

Keep going and look up to spot a True Sight totem on the ledge above. Interacting with this will spawn floating platforms, so climb those to reach your first Enigmatic Mystery chest. This chest is easy enough to spot, so you shouldn't have much trouble reaching it. It seems that the second chest isn't supposed to be available until next week but if you time your jumps correctly, you'll be able to reach it while still in the Debris of Dreams.

Technically, you need the Safe Passage upgrade to get across, but if you have a Warlock with Dawnbreaker and sword equipped with aerial slash, you can jump your way across. If you head out from where you found the first Awoken Beacon and approach the True Sight totems by the cliffs, you're in the right area. Thanks to YouTube user December for spotting this exploit.

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Destiny 2: Trivial Mysteries Week 2 

There are ten Trivial Mysteries to seek out this week, but I've only managed to find seven so far. If you'd like a visual guide, you can check out this video from Esoterickk below.

After aligning the first beacon, jump over to the little platform leading to a doorway on your right, then jump down to the left. Invoke True Sight then turn around and head back out the door, towards the centre platform and through the large doorway. Jump up to the top of the ladder and turn right, then turn left to find your first mystery, the Concealed Cache. From here, turn to your left and head through the barrier to find The Secret Stash.

Next, head back through the barrier and through the door on your left. Traverse the corridor and head down the small doorway that bends to the right. Hug the wall to your right then jump into the beam transporter. When you reappear, you'll see a beacon ahead of you to your right. Carry on straight past it, then jump over the barrier down to your right to where the True Sight totem is on the platform edge. Turn to the left and carry on along the platform, hugging the wall to your left. 

Jump down to the building below and invoke the Barrier Breach to find the next mystery, Refined Mystery. Head back outside and round to your right, then head up the stairs. At the top, head to the left and jump over to the platform above, then stick to the left to jump down to the cliff edge below. At the Ascendant Anchor, you'll spot a totem across the way, so jump over towards it. Interact with it so that floating platforms will appear which lead to The Underhang mystery.

Jump back over the platforms to where you found the totem and keep to the right, passing the circular entryway. Once you can see the building across the way, look up to your left and jump to the opening above. Carry on through the tunnel, to the left of the Scorn enemies, and you'll find another True Sight totem which will lead to The Hidden Path mystery. From here, jump down to the island below then jump to the island on your right. Stick to the right and jump up the platforms until you reach a True Sight totem. Jump over the platforms until you reach the next island. Invoke the next totem to reach The Perilous Path mystery. If you're quick enough, turn around on the spot and jump up to the platform on your right to reach the Ley Lines Secret chest.

Once you fall back to the island below, head towards the True Sight totem on the right and cross back to the other island. Follow the path to the right and head past the building, keeping it on your right. You'll eventually come across another barrier totem, so interact with it and head over to the little building in front of you to get the Supply Stash mystery.

Another two Trivial Mysteries are available right now though they're supposed to be unobtainable. You can access one via the boss room in The Industrial Facility and the other is accessible via The Overlook. 

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