How to bag yourself Destiny 2's new Devil's Ruin exotic

destiny 2 devils ruin
(Image credit: Bungie)

Looking to pick up Destiny 2's Devil's Ruin? The Season of Dawn might be in full swing, but Destiny 2 is only just welcoming the first exotic quest of its Season Pass. The reward: Devil’s Ruin. Even better, you can do it all on your tod, and really quickly.

This exotic Sidearm packs a punch with more than enough perks to set it apart. It can stagger Unstoppable Champions, has two firing modes (single shot or laser) and executing a perfectly-timed charged laser shot consumes two clip’s of ammunition to deal considerable bonus damage. It’s a must have in your collection, especially if you want to use pistols in endgame activities like the Nightfall and Nightmare hunts this season.

Complete a Sundial run

Before you can even start the quest, you’ll need to complete a run of the Destiny 2 Sundial on Mercury. While the quest has been released in tandem with the Legend difficulty Sundial, it’s not a necessity to complete it on the harder setting. When you've finished a Sundial run, you’ll be offered the Timelost weapon frame as a reward.

Find ten Timelost Fragments in Destiny 2's Twilight Gap

After you have the frame, Saint-14 requests your presence in the Tower. He’ll talk for a wee bit and then direct you to the EDZ for a mission in the PvP map, Twilight Gap. 

This is a bit of a scavenger hunt. Ten of Shaxx’s crucible bots are scattered across the arena. Examining each one rewards you with a Timelost Fragment and some dialogue from Shaxx, Zavala, or Saint-14 as they trade verbal barbs.

To save you time, above are the locations you need to visit to pick up each item here are some pictures of exactly where to find all 10 Timelost Fragments. You can collect them in any order. 

And that's it: as the mission ends, you’ll be rewarded with Devil’s Ruin. More importantly, however, you also get a heartfelt rendition of one of Eris Morn’s greatest hits, so don’t jump to orbit as soon as you're done.