Destiny 2 Dark Decider: God roll and how to get it

Destiny 2 Dark Decider god roll
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Dark Decider is a rapid-fire auto rifle and one of the new Iron Banner weapons Lord Saladin's selling this season alongside the returning slug shotgun, Gunnora's Axe. They both have some pretty fun perks to play with in PvP and PvE, especially as they can roll Voltshot, which has already proven to be absurdly strong on this season's new craftable Ikelos SMG. 

You can get a Voltshot Gunnora's Axe if you get to rank seven in Iron Banner, but sadly, the standard roll for Dark Decider doesn't include the perk. If you want to get a strong roll for PvE or PvP, you'll have to go through the costly process of focusing Iron Banner engrams, both in terms of playing Iron Banner to earn them, and spending 100 Legendary Shards to focus them into the gun.

If you're new to the Season of the Seraph, you might want to know about the new craftable exotic, Revision Zero, and how to get both it and its catalysts. Once you do, there are Security Drones you can shoot to earn a fancy exotic sparrow and open a secret door in the Seraph's Shield mission. That said, here are my best Destiny 2 Dark Decider god rolls for PvE and PvP. 

How to get Dark Decider

You can get the Dark Decider auto rifle as a reputation reward from Lord Saladin when you reach rank four in Iron Banner. The best way to do this is to complete the Iron Banner daily challenges and just generally play matches. The initial roll you'll get is Chambered Compensator, Extended Mag, Subsistence, and Gutshot Straight, which isn't the best for PvP or PvE. 

Once you claim this, you'll be able to focus more Dark Deciders from Saladin using Iron Banner engrams. Simply claim them from the top right, then focus each into a Dark Decider at the steep cost of 100 Legendary Shards and 20,000 glimmer for a random roll.

Dark Decider PvP god roll

Swipe to scroll horizontally
BarrelMagazineColumn threeColumn four
Arrowhead BrakeAccurized RoundsDynamic Sway ReductionRangefinder

Dark Decider is an arc auto rifle with a rapid-fire frame, meaning it fires 720 rounds per minute, so its recoil can be quite hard to deal with when trading at range. Arrowhead Brake is a great barrel option for coping with recoil and also provides a buff to handling. When coupled with Dynamic Sway Reduction in the third column, you'll be able to better control the gun and land hits more consistently. 

For magazine, you'll want Accurized Rounds since it buffs effective range. When combined with Rangefinder in the fourth column, you'll be able to trade better at a longer distance—always helpful in PvP. Dark Decider has a choice of two origin traits: Skulking Wolf and Veist Stinger. The first grants enhanced radar and removes you from radar if you kill another Guardian when at low health. It's a useful perk if you find yourself frequently trading with other Guardians and taking a fair bit of damage before getting kills, but Veist Stinger is also decent as it has a chance to reload your weapon and buff your aim down site speed when you damage an enemy.

If you can't get Dynamic Sway and Rangefinder, then Iron Grip and Iron Reach is a possible combo with a similar effect, but I would only recommend them together. These perks provide stability at the cost of reload speed, and range at the cost of stability. There's some synergy there in the sense that Iron Grip helps compensate for what Iron Reach makes you lose in terms of stability, and reduced reload speed isn't as big a deal when rapid-fire frames have better reload, and you have Veist Stinger to help out. Still, Dynamic Sway Reduction and Rangefinder are far more preferable as they don't debuff other weapon stats.

Dark Decider PvE god roll

Swipe to scroll horizontally
BarrelMagazineColumn threeColumn four
Arrowhead BrakeFlared MagwellDynamic Sway ReductionVoltshot

In PvE terms, rolling Voltshot in the fourth column here is what matters most of all. This perk is absurdly strong, jolting enemies with the next shot if you reload after a kill, frying everything nearby. Dark Decider is the first auto rifle in the game able to roll Voltshot, and having the perk on a decent primary weapon is very good. Sadly, Dark Decider doesn't have the same reload perks as this season's Voltshot Ikelos SMG, like Threat Detector or Feeding Frenzy.

With that in mind you can go with whatever you want for playstyle in the third column, but I'd recommend Dynamic Sway Reduction, since it'll make the gun more pleasant to use in terms of recoil, and it'll mean you can potentially use this in PvP too. For barrel and magazine, Arrowhead Brake and Flared Magwell are good options. As with the PvP roll, the first helps you cope with Dark Decider's recoil, and the second offers a faster reload, so you can activate Voltshot quicker post-kill.

Dark Decider can also roll Subsistence in the third column, which partially reloads the weapon when you kill something. Usually it's an extremely good perk, but since only active reloads activate Voltshot, it could actually work against you depending on how many rounds it takes to kill an enemy. It would also provide little benefit since you'd often be reloading after a kill instead of continuing to fire anyway.

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