Desperate Gods: free online boardgame from the creators of Overgrowth and the Humble Bundle

Board and card games have enjoyed a bit of a virtual renaissance in recent years. They've found a new home on tablets where the touch interface can replicate some of the tactile pleasure of moving pieces and cards around a board. Wolfire Games have dreamed up one of their own, and built an online board that lets players join and throw cards at each other in real-time. It's called Desperate Gods. It's a bit like Diablo in board game form. The corner square normally reserved for GO in monopoly represents the town, where new items can be purchased. The rest of the board represents a wilderness zone, and a dungeon with three increasingly deadly depths. See how it all works in the introductory trailer below.

Oh yes, and they made this in just a week as part of the Fuck This Jam event, which invited devs to make a game in a genre they hate. Mad skills, gentlemen. Mad skills. Download it here .

Tom Senior

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