Deltarune Chapter 2 lands this week

Deltarune Chapter 2
(Image credit: Toby Fox)

Undertale creator Toby Fox released the first instalment in the episodic Deltarune series all the way back in 2018. Its follow up, Chapter 2, was meant to launch last year, but after a long silence we finally have a firm release date: Friday, September 17. That's very soon.

Deltarune—which is an anagram of Undertale—bears a pretty strong resemblance to Fox's enduring cult RPG, with the same pixel art style and the same surreal sensibilities. This second chapter will follow directly from the first, and if you've still got Deltarune Chapter 1 save data at hand you'll be able to continue right off from where you left. As per the Deltarune website, just make sure you've watched the credits of the first chapter. 

The website adds that you don't need to worry about save transfers anyway: so long as "you generally remember what happened story-wise" you should be OK.

It looks like Deltarune Chapter 2 will be releasing through the Deltarune website—no word as yet on Steam or other storefronts. The first chapter was (and still is) free, but  Chapter 2 will have a price tag, according to a trailer for Chapter 1. What that price is, we'll find out on Friday.

Shaun Prescott

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