Defiance is free to play for the first three days

The third person MMO based on the Syfy TV show is inching a little closer to “free to play” territory today by offering a free, 72-hour demo to those who are curious what the Bay Area looks like after the San Francisco Giants win a World Series.

Defiance's website says your progress, loot, quest rewards and all the other junk you find in an MMO will carry over if you decide to open up your wallet once the timer rings. While we didn't hate Defiance, we found it a bit underwhelming . It's not bad for a TV show tie-in, but then again, the bar for games based on TV shows isn't very high to begin with.

It's reassuring to hear developer Trion Worlds will continue to support Defiance with five DLC expansions , but it's worth noting it was hit with a series of layoffs only a week after said announcement. It'll be interesting to see how long an MMO without a subscription model can last in a world where subscription based MMOs are just barely getting by. In the meantime, sit back, relax and try to forget that the pre-order bonus was an in game Dodge Challenger.