DeepCool's Steampunk style liquid cooler dives down to $60

DeepCool recently added RGB lighting to two if its Captain EX all-in-one liquid coolers. If you can do without the bling, one of its non-RGB models just went up for sale.

The DeepCooler Gamer Storm Captain 240 EX is available for $60 at Newegg after applying promo code EMCSRFRK3. Compare that to the $130 asking price for the RGB equivalent that was announced earlier this week.

DeepCool was aiming for a sort of steampunk look when designing the Captain 240 EX. It features a reactor style pump housing and visible liquid flow. And while it doesn't have RGB lighting, it does have red LED illumination.

As the model name implies, the Captain 240 EX has a 240mm radiator and comes with two double-blade 120mm cooling fans. DeepCool says it has multiple clips to support a whole bunch of sockets, including LGA2011-v3 for Intel CPUs and AMD's latest AM4 socket for Ryzen.

Newegg looks to have the lowest price here with promo code. It is also on sale at Amazon with a slightly higher $65 price tag. After that, the price jumps to $85 to over $100, depending on the vendor.

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Paul Lilly

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