Death Trash patch fixes 'a crash caused by Fleshworms eating puke'

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There's nothing about gorepunk RPG Death Trash that isn't delightfully grotesque, and that extends to its patch notes. A tweet following the latest one simply notes: "Uploaded a hotfix for a crash caused by Fleshworms eating puke."

The latest patch for the Early Access RPG brought it up to version 0.7.30, and added an infection system. Actions like using implants and eating the meat that grows out of the ground in Death Trash's peculiar post-apocalypse increases your infection value, but you can lower it with the puking skill. 

"The main purpose of the infection system is to bring more of the narrative layer into the direct gameplay," the patch notes, er, note, "to give more raison d'être to the puke ability, and to replace the previous energy system, which we weren't really happy with."

In Death Trash, vomit can be picked up and carried around your inventory along with various other gross things. Like fleshworms, which can be found around the groundmeat and tamed with a successful animalism check. Then you can pop them in your bag to be hurled at enemies.

This is the main cause of the bug, as a follow-up tweet explained. "Some players were carrying Fleshworms as well as puke in their bags. Then they walked into a mine, their body exploded, all items dumped on the ground, the worms survived, and, finally free, immediately ate the dumped puke." 

Fleshworms aren't supposed to eat the remnants of a Technicolor yawn, it turns out. Not just because that's yucky, but because it crashed the game. Fortunately the hotfix was quick and now it's safe once again to roam the wastes with a bag full of fleshworms and chunder, as god intended.

Jody Macgregor
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