Death Stranding gets a Cyberpunk 2077 update with six new missions and items

After Hideo Kojima turned out to be a Night City resident, Death Stranding now gets its own Cyberpunk 2077 content in the form of a free and currently PC-only update. The trailer above shows some of  the new unlockable items available, which includes a Cyberpunk-themed Reverse Trike to travel the wasteland, Johnny Silverhand's bionic arm, sunglasses and V's faceplates. The update also brings new signs and construction holograms.

The more exciting part however are the new Cyberpunk-inspired missions and gameplay options. Kojima Productions has kept completely mum about what the new missions will entail, and has only mentioned they will "feature lore and characters from Cyberpunk 2077." I hope it's more than just Cyberpunk characters becoming Bridges staff, like that awful Conan O'Brien cameo, but in all fairness the missions given to you by guest characters could be quite fun.

Meanwhile, Cyberpunk gameplay of a kind comes to Death Stranding in the form of item variations and hacking. Johnny Silverhand's arm gives Sam an even meaner right hook in combat which, given he already punches Mules like a heavyweight champ, will be something to behold. The new hacking features will let you disable sensor poles and use your Odradek scanner to short-circuit enemies and vehicles.  You can see some of the features in action here.

To promote the update, Death Stranding is on sale on Steam until December 22, and I would call it a good holiday game—surprisingly relaxing, with the atmosphere of a foggy winter afternoon, and plenty of snow. Check out our review for more.