Death Stranding and Metal Gear composer leaves Kojima Productions

Ludvig Forssell at The Game Awards 2019
(Image credit: The Game Awards)

Composer Ludvig Forssell has announced that he's leaving his position as audio director at Kojima Productions.

Forssell, who composed the soundtracks for our 2020 GOTY Death Stranding, Metal Gear Solid V, and PT (R.I.P) tweeted that he was leaving the studio after 10 years of working with Hideo Kojima in order to pursue freelance opportunities.

"After 10 years working in-house as a Composer/Audio Director at Kojima Productions, I'm excited to announce that I'll be pursuing my future as a freelance composer," Forssell wrote. "It's been a blast! Thanks, KJP! Now, I'm happy to tackle a variety of projects in all types of media."

It doesn't mean Forssell will never compose for a Kojima game again though, with the studio's Twitter account replying "we look forward to continue working with you" and Forssell replying "Absolutely!"

It's not the news most people were expecting, since Forssell had tweeted that he had "important news" the day before. Games Twitter went into a bit of a frenzy, as it does, convinced that either Death Stranding was coming to Xbox or that they had somehow acquired Kojima Productions. Spoiler: neither.

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