Deadly Premonition PC port locked at 720p, but there's a fix

A while back, the murder mystery known as Deadly Premonition made its way over the Steam Greenlight hurdle, shedding its console-exclusivity for the nice little home on the personal computer. Whether from lack of resources or an effort to make Deadly Premonition's mystery even more obfuscated, the game's resolution has unfortunately been locked to 720p. Thankfully, the modder who created the practically-required DSfix for Dark Souls (and goes by Durante) has made a mod to break Deadly Premoniton's resolution lock.

Durante notes on his blog that this is only a 0.2 alpha release, and will only let you change Deadly Premonition's display and rendering resolutions. You won't find any of the stability fixes or graphic enhancements you've come to expect from DSfix—at least not yet.

Before you go off downloading the fix and seeing what's basically the video game version of Twin Peaks in your native resolution, note that the mini map appears in the wrong location. Durante released 0.2 earlier today, which fixes the path an enemy can teleport, adds windowed mode and the option to turn off gamepad input support.