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Deadlight is this month's PC Gamer Club Legendary game

Courtesy of our pals at (opens in new tab), where you can find great deals on game keys and bundles, this month's PC Gamer Club Legendary game is side-scrolling zombie apocalypse platformer Deadlight. This is to celebrate Tequila Works' excellent murder mystery game The Sexy Brutale being included in The Slayer Bundle (opens in new tab), which also includes the likes of Styx and Songbringer. This bundle runs until tomorrow. In addition, Tequila Works games like Rime (opens in new tab) and The Invisible Hours (opens in new tab) are also discounted all week. That offer runs until 7th October.

Deadlight mixes 2D sidescrolling with gorgeous 3D environments that might remind you of The Walking Dead TV show. It's described on Steam as a 'survival platformer', which seems about right. You're generally short on bullets, so it pays to be careful with how you approach conflicts. 

PC Gamer Club (opens in new tab) Legendary tier members can get Deadlight when they join until the end of October. You'll also be able to get access to our exclusive members-only Discord server, a digital subscription to the magazine, in-game items and loads more. See all the benefits here (opens in new tab)

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