Dead State demo inbound, expect bickering sheltermates and zombies early January

The long-awaited zombie survival RPG Dead State has been teasing us for years now, but the wait is finally coming to a close. In a newly released video, developer Brian Mitsoda reveals a demo entitled Dead State: The First 7 Days. It will cover the first week of the game, including the beginning stages of a new shelter and the first hints of the overall story, and is expected to arrive in January.

In addition to the usual tweaks and bug fixes common to game development at this stage, developer DoubleBear has tripled the number of maps and overhauled the dialog and story system. The update also shows off the addition of a dog companion. As we all know, including a canine character is absolutely crucial in modern game development, so I'm happy to see that DoubleBear is taking that seriously.

Mitsoda has spent time with RPG powerhouses Troika, Black Isle, and Obsidian, and has previously said that a single game of Dead State could stretch out to over fifty hours . This has the makings for a deep, deep RPG experience that we'll be keeping an eye on. Check out Mitsoda's recent updates to the Kickstarter community for more details on development.