Dead Space devs making free-to-play MOBA, evidence suggests

It's quite a leap, from third-person horror games to free-to-play MOBA, but recent job ads suggest that's exactly what Dead Space developers Visceral are working on next. As discovered by IGN , the listing for Global Community Manager states that potential candidates are expected to have an "unhealthy passion for MOBA games," plus "significant experience managing online communities." Meanwhile, the character designer listing asks for "Work experience on MOBA, Action RTS, Action RPG, or Related Genres". Piecing all the available evidence together, we reckon Visceral might be making a MOBA.

The clue to the game's free-to-play nature lies in the aforementioned Global Community Manager ad, which mentions that the successful applicant will be acting as part of EA's Play4Free publishing team. Hints at their choice of platform lie within the Character Concept Artist listing, which talks about an "upcoming PC action title". Both positions have since been filled, so whatever Visceral are making, work has presumably already begun.

As to what they're making, the obvious answer would be a Dead Space MOBA, but that sounds so ridiculous I can hardly believe I just typed it. More likely, it's some sort of shooter-MOBA combo, or it's based on a different property entirely. Visceral also made the two Godfather games, so we could equally be in for Defense of the Corleones.

Tom Sykes

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