Dead Cyborg: pay if you want for this impressive sci-fi adventure's second episode

Barath Endre's Dead Cyborg , you may recall, is a first-person, episodic, "hard sci-fi" adventure series set on a rusty old space shuttle, and one we thought rather highly of back in the day. It's taken a while, but the game's second episode has just been released, and like the first it's on a rather generous pay-if-you-want model, offering 2-3 hours of interaction, exploration and puzzle-solving for free (with the option to donate - which will go towards funding the final episode).

Episode 2 continues the beautiful robot-themed adventuring of the first installment, with creator Barath Endre once again using Blender - the free 3D modelling software with game development capabilities - to startling effect. The latest teaser trailer is below, and if you like what you see/play, you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight .

(Cheers, IndieGames )

Tom Sykes

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