DC Universe Online patched, Sony promise more fixes soon

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The latest DC Universe Online patch has arrived aimed at improving the voice chat features of the game. There are also changes to the difficulty of some of the missions, as well as a collection of bug fixes. Sony have been talking about their plans for the next few patches for the game, including their intention to give players the option to turn off the overenthusiastic profanity filter. You'll find the full patch notes below.

Speaking to Eurogamer , community relations manager for Sony Online Entertainment, Tony Jones, revealed their priorities for the next few patches. "Right now, we're working on server stability, things that keep the game running and going fresh. Things like the UI, they're going to be constantly making tweaks to that - the best part of an MMO, it changes constantly and we're very sensitive to the needs of the players."

One of the most unpopular parts of DC Universe Online so far has been the all-seeing profanity filter that has a problematic tendency to sensor swear words that appear inside other words. Jones says "the chat filter is a pet peeve of mine that actually became a very large issue as we got towards launch. Obviously, something of this size, we were at a point where we can work on the chat filter, or we can work on the PS3 freezing - obviously the chat filter's going to wait. There's going to be an option to turn it off and we're working on that."

Thank #^$@ for that. For more on the game check out the official DC Universe Online site, and our first impressions of the game. If you're playing the game, don't forget that or EU DC Universe Online League is still recruiting . Here are the updates made by the latest patch in full.


  • Improved Client performance and stability.

  • Addressed an issue where other characters may appear to "warp" onscreen.

  • The time it takes to get to Character Selection on launch has been reduced.


  • Audio should no longer drop after cutscenes if you have your Music volume set to 0.


  • The player's Voice Chat Channel should now be selected according to the following priority, from highest to lowest:

    • Alert

    • Group

    • Custom

    • League

Player Appearance:

  • Equipping a new weapon should no longer cause your weapon appearance to disappear.

  • Swapping weapons with your weapon style locked should no longer cause the weapon appearance to change.


  • Player character animations should no longer have the chance of getting stuck when weaponizing objects.


  • Adjusted difficulty of content in the Venom Lab to level 7 to better match the surrounding content.

  • No Joke quest is now available at level 18 instead of 19.

  • A Crook's Best Friend mission is now available at level 18 instead of 19.

  • Something's Fishy… quest is now available at level 22 instead of 23.

  • Road to Hell quest is now available at level 22 instead of 23.

  • Fateful Omen quest is now available at level 26 instead of 27.

  • Hardcorps quest is now available at level 26 instead of 27.


  • Pressing the "Accept" button on the Server Selection screen multiple times should no longer result in odd ssues with Character Creation movies and UI.

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