DC Universe Online is free to play now

DC Universe Online

If you're reading this, the chances are that you're a) not Batman, but b) would quite like to meet Batman. He is one of the many, many DC characters that you fight alongside in the fast, punchy MMO DC Universe Online, which is now free to play. You can download the client now from the official DC Universe site .

Free players get access to all current missions and areas, a couple of character slots and guild access. Extra mission packs will be available to buy, and as soon as you spend $5 your account gets upgraded to a Premium, which gives you more inventory space, and more wallet room in which to store more riches. You can also pay a $15 a month subscription fee to get access to all the new level packs, 15 character slots and 80 inventory slots.

We quite enjoyed DC Universe Online, but problems with the hacker attacks on Sony's servers earlier this year caused big problems for its burgeoning player base. Check out our DC Universe Online review to find out why it's worth a download.

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