DC Universe Online Home Turf DLC allows PVP punch-outs in player houses

DC Universe Online Home Turf

Sure, DC Universe Online fits the bill for caped crusading and ensuring the perpetual uselessness of both Metropolis and Gotham City's police forces, but where does an off-duty super-powered type go when not saving / destroying the planet? The Home Turf DLC , set to launch early 2013, answers that question with an abode for each hero and villain to call home and decorate with furniture, accessories, and the blood-splats of your arch-rival after perforating him with an energy beam.

A Mainframe and Generator combo spruces up your lair with perks and bonuses such as new allies and additional character abilities, but the Lair Duels feature far outweighs merely being able to hang up your cape in style after a day at the office. Expect one-on-one, round-based battles with environment damage for that chic "slagged apartment" look. Never fear, any items smashed during duels will automatically restore themselves after the fight.

As with previous content packs, Free and Premium players will be able to grab Home Turf through a download purchase while Legendary players can nab it for free.

Omri Petitte

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