Dawn of War 2: Retribution Eldar Heroes detailed

Dawn of War Retribution - Eldar Autarch thumb

Relic have revealed more information on the four heroes we'll be commanding as part of the Eldar single player campaign in Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Read on for images and an overview of each of the heroes.

Kayleth the Autarch

Most Eldar commit to a single war discipline for life, but the Eldar Autarch has the benefit of being trained in many different specialties. Kayleth has the wings of a Swooping Hawk and the power blade of a Howling Banshee, and her skills mix and match from the best of the Eldar's special abilities:

"Her standard Jump ability will put her right in the thick of the fight, where Kayleth truly shines. A fully upgraded ability called Skyleap far exceeds the distance that the Jump ability allows her to cover, and along the route of her travel during the leap volleys of grenades drop. This path of destruction is followed by Kayleth dropping in just as the dust begins to settle, to lay waste to any survivors."

Ronahn, Pathfinder of Ulthwe

The Ulthwe are the gloomiest of the Eldar Craftworlds. It's understandable given that their Craftworld is parked slap bang next to the source of all Chaos in the universe: the Eye of Terror. Swathed in black armour and convinced of the doom of their species, the Ulthwe are some of the most hardened warriors of the species. Ronahn is a Pathfinder, an elite Ranger who has gone rogue and left his Craftworld behind, wandering the galaxy in search of glory. He's not likely to be the light relief of the group, but if you need an Ork shot in the eye from several miles away, Ronahn's your man.

"Ronahn's abilities involve infiltration and dealing damage from a distance. His base Infiltrate ability that allows him to go unseen by the enemy can be upgraded to include a Holo-field that will also camouflage nearby infantry units."

Veldoran the Warlock

As a race the Eldar are obsessed with prophecy. Their mystical Warlocks and Farseers have regular get-togethers to do some chanting around some runes, trying to divulge some scraps of foresight from the swirling darkness of the Warp. Veldoran is not only a grizzled rune-starer, but a competent warrior too. As well as all that predicting the future lark, he's discovered a useful sideline in burning things with his mind, an ability that might just come in handy in Dawn of War 2: Retribution.

"His basic starting ability is Immolate, which sets an area on fire and engulfs anyone in the vicinity in flames. In addition to dealing damage, Veldoran's talents can also be used to heal himself. His Siphon ability will take the life force from nearby enemy units, granting Veldoran more health and the ability to stay in the fight longer."

Elenwe the Farseer

Farseers are often the leader of Eldar armies, and acted as Eldar generals back in Dawn of War 2. With the Autarch almost literally stealing the Farseer's eldritch thunder in Dawn of War 2: Retribution, it's down to Farseer Elenwe to give support to her fellow troops on the battlefield. That doesn't mean she's a pushover, though, and her ability to manipulate time could prove invaluable.

"Her base ability, Spiritual Rites, heals nearby friendly units, but her Time Field ability shows the true power of the Farseer. When activated, time slows down for enemy units in the given area but not for the Eldar. Few abilities can change the face of battle as those possessed by Elenwe."

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