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Dawn of War 2: Retribution closed multiplayer beta launching soon

Dawn of War 2 Retribution

THQ have announced that a closed beta for Dawn of War: Retribution will be launching at the end of this month. Anyone who's pre-ordered Retribution, or bought or registered a Dawn of War game on Steam will be eligible.

The beta will run between January 31st and February 24th, and will unfold in three stages. The first wave of invites will go out to global press and "key Dawn of War community members". Then, on February 1st, everyone who pre-ordered the game will gain access. Then on February 8th anyone who has bought a Dawn of War game through steam or registered a Dawn of War game on Steam well get an invite. The purpose of the beta is to test the multiplayer mode. All six races will be playable in the beat. At the end of the beta period Relic will use the information they've gathered to put out a day one balancing patch.

The details of the beta are all available on the THQ site. There's plenty more information on the Dawn of War 2: Retribution official site. The game's available to pre-order now , and will be released on 4th March.

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