Dawn of War 2: Retribution collector's edition detailed, pre-orders now available

Dawn of War Retribution Swarmlord

THQ have announced details of the collector's edition of the upcoming standalone expansion to Dawn of War 2, Dawn of War 2: Retribution. The special edition box will come with bonus in-game wargear for each of the six playable races in the game along with exclusive artwork. Preorders are also now available for the game. Read on for details.

There's a special pre-order version for each of the six races in the game. The pre-order versions contain four exclusive "unique ability and wargear items" for each race. The Tyranid pack is available exclusively through the THQ e-store , the Ork pack is available through Steam and the other packs can be bought from any digital distribution store. THQ plan to release all of the wargear items as purchasable DLC on Steam once the game is released in March.

The Collector's Edition of the game comes with all of the Wargear for every race, as well as a poster and bonus art cards for each of the game's six races. Full details of the pre-order deals and the collector's edition can be found on the official THQ site . Here's an overview of the bonus wargear on offer for each race.

Imperial Guard

  • The Emperor's Executioners – Instantly kill infantry units with less than a fifth of their health remaining.

  • Blessed Carapace of Resolve – Friendly units within the area gain increased damage resistance.

  • Honorifica Imperialis – Friendly units within the area have their ability cooldowns reduce.

  • Helm of the Distinguished Imperial Officer – Friendly units within the area are healed and have their energy restored when you kill an enemy.

Space Marines

  • Holy Axe of the Honor Guard – this unique two handed power axe increases your defense against enemy attacks

  • Armor of the Martyr – Attacks upon Diomedes heal allied units around him

  • Chant of the Righteous – Enemies attacking Diomedes lower the cool down timer on his abilities

  • Helm of the Veteran – Increases the health and armor of the character that equips it


  • Spear of the Ynnead – Attacks upon the enemy can now confuse them and cause them to attack each other

  • Guile of Cegorach – The death of allied units now increases the chance of you entering an enraged state that increases your speed and damage

  • Runes of Wisdom – Lowers the energy cost of using abilities

  • Helm of the War Host – Your hero gains immunity to knock back and suppression

Chaos Space Marines

  • Skull Breaker: Hits on the enemy with this weapon have the chance to cause an explosive area of effect attack

  • Armor of the Immortal: Gain the protection of an invulnerability shield when your character is critically injured

  • Herald of the Warp: Equipping this item significantly lowers your ability cool down timers

  • Mark of Chaos Favor: Your character gains the benefits of Chaos god worship from all the dark gods


  • Kan Opener - Your attacks now have a chance to disable enemy vehicles

  • Angry Armour - Enemy attacks on the Warboss increases the damage he does

  • Lucky Teef - When your Warboss kills an enemy, friendly units in the surrounding area gain energy

  • Supa Flashy Boss Rack - Your Warboss now gains the benefits of both a boss pole and a trophy rack


  • Venomous Talons – Attacks upon the enemy now have a guaranteed chance to stun and poison them for a short duration

  • Poisonous Cysts – After taking a fixed amount of melee damage your Swarmlord will now spray a poison cloud that damages your enemies

  • Shadow in the Warp – When hit you now convert some of that damage to energy to power your abilities

  • Warp Field – Calls forth an energy shield to protect your character from damage

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