Dark Souls Remastered patch improves 'security against cheating during online multiplayer'

Picture the scene. You've rallied a couple of pals in Blighttown, you're on your way to fight Quelaag, you've reached the crest of her domain's entrance. Then you're offed by a one-shotting hacker. I almost launched my controller out the window when this happened to me. 

And while I can't say for absolute certain my invader was a hacker, I'm pleased to see Bandai Namco actively working to reduce cheaters with Dark Souls Remastered's latest patch. 

"Improved the security against cheating during online multiplayer," reads one bullet point in update 1.03's patch notes. Likewise, a bug which let players become invisible during online multiplayer has been ironed out—as have a number of issues around messages not displaying in asynchronous online play, The Four Kings not appearing in The Abyss, and the end sequence playing before the player has toppled Gwyn.  

A section of Dark Souls Remastered Steam players have aired their grievances with the game's hackers, and while I don't care for dogpiling the aforementioned Blighttown blunder really did upset me at the time. 

This parasite egg/weapon break/curse/other onslaught, posted by YouTube person Friendly Firaga, proves my experience could've been worse. 

Here's hoping Dark Souls Remastered's patch 1.03 sorts things out.