Dark Souls' DSfix mod updated for new Steamworks version

Dark Souls

Remember that guy who beat Dark Souls with a Rock Band controller? The game finally defeating Games for Windows Live feels like an even more spectacular achievement than that.

The new Steamworks version of Dark Souls is now available to optionally activate. But GfW Live wasn't the only of the PC port's many problems. Resolution? Yes. Graphics options? Yes. Frame-rate? You bet'cha. Hence DSfix, the work of occasional PCG contributor Durante. The Steamworks upgrade disabled the mod's ability to unlock the frame-rate. A fix for that issue is now here.

DSfix 2.3 is a Steamworks-compatible version of the mod, and offers the same features of previous versions. The update's speedy arrival comes courtesy of boowoo90, a commenter to Durante's blog. Thanks to them we now have a fully-featured, GfW Live-free version of the tough-as-nails RPG.

Phil Savage

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