Dark Souls completed with a Rock Band guitar

The Dark Souls community sure are a bunch of show-offs. It's not enough to simply complete a game already infamous for its challenge; they've got to do it with additional restrictions. The favoured method is to become a "Onebro"—completing the game without once levelling up. Now, player Benjamin "Bearzly" Gwin has upped the stakes even further. He's completed the game with a Rock Band controller.

As explained on Reddit , Gwin used control-pad emulator x360ce to remap the Xbox 360's Rock Band 1 guitar peripheral for use with his PC copy of the game. He set the whammy bar to move forwards, the star power detector to move to the right, and the effects switch to turn the camera left.

"In summary," Gwin writes, "my only movement actions are control vertical movement speed, move to right, and rotate camera left." Unsurprisingly, he claims the toughest boss was "gravity".

Gwin's been posting highlights of his guitar-aided (or, more accurately, guitar-hindered) run over on his Twitch channel . There you can find his attempt to conquer Sens Fortress , which he describes as the "hardest part of the run".

You can see Gwin taking down Ornstein and Smough below.

Thanks, Polygon .

Phil Savage

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