Dark Souls 3 patch rebalances weapons and squashes some bugs

Dark Souls 3 Review (25)

If you're as utterly consumed by Dark Souls 3 as I am, then even the most mundane patch notes are likely to have you furrowing your brows. Bandai Namco has announced an imminent 1.04 patch to roll out tomorrow, and while it's not a huge update, you'd best have a look in case one of your favourite weapons is affected.

Here are the changes:

- Performance update for the Greatsword
- Battle performance adjustment for Dancer's Enchanted Sword and Winged Knight's Twinaxes
- Performance adjustment for Soul's Greatsword and Farron's Flashsword
- Fix for issue where multiple items become impossible to use at Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep and Cathedral of the Deep after finishing the game.
- General adjustments and bug fixes

Unfortunately, the patch notes – which can be perused when booting up the game – fail to mention what the performance updates and adjustments entail. More disappointing is that the notes don't make reference to an especially hairy bug that has hit PC players, resulting in a crash when some users try to sit at the Firelink Shrine bonfire. There's a workaround over here, but hopefully an official fix will come soon.

Shaun Prescott

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