Dark Souls 3 mod lets you storm Lothric as an OP Yhorm the Giant

Following its Dark Souls Age of Fire mod, the Datahacks team has released Forces of Annihilation—a similar hobbyist project for Dark Souls 3. Out now, FoA lets you storm Lothric as the game's enemies and bosses alike. 

Naturally, that's best portrayed in the massive shoes of Yhorm the Giant.

With that, I'm particularly fond of seeing a hulking Yhorm wandering around the Profaned Capital, battering Headless Gargoyles. Skip to the 5.40 mark above to see that in practice. 

Since the mod's release earlier this week, the Datahacks team has also shown off the Soul of Cinder versus the Nameless King, the Soul of Cinder versus the Outrider Knight, Darkeater Midir versus the Old Demon King, Darkeater Midir versus the Nameless King, and Darkeater Midir versus the Twin Princes.

It's a bit messy, but that last one's my favourite. Look, see:

With installation and use in mind, Datahacks provides a three-video tutorial series that covers attaching the mod to the game, and possessing a bosses and enemies; camera toggle, and attacks and phases changes; and regular and enhanced enemy controls.

A download link for Forces of Annihilation lives in this video's description.