Dark Souls 2 weapon durability patch has arrived

Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin 3

If you're fed up with your mace breaking on the relaxing stroll from Majula to the Last Giant, then here's good news: a patch fixing Dark Souls 2's weapon durability glitch has finally arrived. Promised earlier this month, the patch will finally put to rest debates about whether rapid weather deterioration was intended or not. Some argued that From Software wanted weapons to degrade as quickly as they did, despite the speed being apparently determined by the game's frame rate.

The answer is no, it wasn't intended, which raises questions as to why it managed to stick around for over a year, both in vanilla Dark Souls 2 and the recent Scholar of the First Sin edition. Whatever the case, it's here, which means you don't need to use DS2Fix anymore if this was your major issue. Probably a good think since the mod has been attracting soft bans.

Shaun Prescott

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