Dark Souls 2 launch problems prompt official response from Namco Bandai

Some have reported that Dark Souls 2 crashes upon startup. Others claim their pre-order bonuses aren't showing up, that mouse and keyboard functionality is broken, and that their controller isn't being recognised. While it's always hard to discern whether these are the isolated woes of a vocal minority or something more widespread, the game's publishers Namco Bandai obviously feel the problems are serious enough to warrant a response.

"Hello all," a representative writes on Dark Souls 2's Steam forums . "We want to use this post as a placeholder to give you updates on any outstanding issues players may be having with the game. We also wanted to share with you the best way to get in touch with our support team."

They've listed a collection of players' biggest problems along with potential fixes, and contact links so players can report problems directly. "We are currently investigating and escalating this issue" they say of the game start-up crashes. They attribute controller issues to possible conflicts with "HID-compliant game controllers". For those who can't find their pre-order DLC, Namco Bandai suggest that "hould be located in "x:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dark Souls II\DARK SOULS™Ⅱ- DIGITAL EXTRAS" if you have it. Make sure you have the preorder content listed under the games dlc as well."