Wear your colours with pride with the fully customisable Logitech G703

(Image credit: Colorwave)

Looking for the perfect gaming mouse to complete your colourful gaming PC setup? One of Colorware's customisable Logitech G wireless gaming mice might be a perfect match. With a vast palette of colours ready to be mixed and matched however you please, it's possible to craft a gaming mouse as beautiful or ugly as you wish—and we mean ugly.

I won't list all the colours available on the configuration tool, but you can be confident that there's a palette in there well-suited to almost any build. I've tried it out already, too, and I've put together a mouse in PC Gamer's image. So far it's been received, uh, poorly by fellow staff members, so feel free to show us up over in the PC Gamer Community forums.

(Image credit: Colorwave)

Your final design will be applied to the Logitech G703 gaming mouse, complete with Lightspeed Wireless and Powerplay compatibility for cordless freedom. The sensor at the core of the G703 is the PMW3366 from Pixart, offering a whopping 200-12,000 DPI range—arguably greater than you'll reasonably need and offering solid performance in our experience.

It's not the lightest mouse at 107g, but it's not particularly weighty either—and you've got to make some sacrifices for that A E S T H E T I C.

The biggest sacrifice you'll have to make is monetary, anyways. The custom paint job fee takes this mouse—often found for $60 or less—up to $139. The price depends on whether you take Colorwave up on custom side buttons or not. Your mouse will also ship in 3-4 weeks, enough time for Colorwave to get your design squared away. On the plus side, the company delivers across the globe, so there shouldn't be any issues receiving your custom mouse—just beware of customs fees biting you on arrival.

Colorwave also offers custom controllers, headphones, and console skins, but the Logitech G703 marks the first time it's ventured into PC peripherals. Let's hope more are to follow—I want one of the best gaming headsets to match. Oh, and maybe a Logitech G Pro Wireless? I missed my chance for a pink one.

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