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Crytek takes Warface to Siberia in its next expansion

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I've always thought that Warface is somewhat of a strange title for a game, mainly because I can't read it without imagining R. Lee Ermey screaming in my face and telling me I don't scare him. Which isn't really relevant to the recent announcement of an upcoming Warface expansion set in the chilly mountains of Sibera, but I can't stop thinking about it nonetheless.

Operation Cold Peak will add three new maps to the game, leading to a secluded stronghold in the Altai Mountains. It will require a particular focus on team-based play, as each map is filled with enemies boasting "advanced tactical AI," along with new new bosses and even suddenly-appearing blizzards that will "change the state of play."

Crytek's focus on Warface, and on the free-to-play market in general, caused the studio no small amount of grief over the summer, but the situation has seemingly smoothed out. And while Warface isn't great, it's far from the worst thing you could do with your time, and it's free, which remains a compelling price point. The expansion will be as well, when it comes out, but at this point a release date has not been announced.

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