Crysis 2: looks like Crysis, runs on a console

crysis 2 thumb

Here's another video of Crysis 2. This one is a talkthrough with Crytek's CEO & founder Cevat Yerli and executive producer Nathan Camarillo. The demo shows one of the early pivotal moments in the game's story. The footage was obviously taken on a dusty old console, and yet it looks easily as good as the first game - a PC exclusive.

They talk about something called the 'choreographed sandbox', which is some highfalutin developer term for making a big playground instead of a set-piece. More importantly, if a console can run something looking like this, it'll look great on the PC. You may not need to upgrade your rig at all. The disappointing news is that the big robot walker from the previous Grand Central Station video sounds like it's called a "pinger". Really?