Cryptozoic is making a Portal board game

Board game publisher Cryptozoic announced that it is making a board game based on Portal. The tentatively titled Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game is set for a release in the third quarter of 2014. Its suggested retail price is currently set around $50. A portal gun that defies the laws of physics is not included.

Cryptozoic has experience translating different franchises into board games. Earlier this month it announced Assassin's Creed: Arena . At the American International Toy Fair , it revealed it's making a DC Comics card game and a dice game based on The Walking Dead television show.

That's where Cryptozoic also revealed the Portal game, but it's still unclear how the game will play. In addition to the tentative release date and price, all Cryptozoic said is that it's designed by the creators of Portal, that it will “deliver a rich, smart, and utterly unique narrative experience,” and that it will be for 2-4 players.

Playing pieces will include test subject, sentry turret, weighted companion cube, and delicious cake.