Crime Boss: Rockay City is a star-studded caper taking aim at Vice City vibes

Publisher 505 Games gave a first look at its star-studded upcoming shooter, Crime Boss: Rockay City. Actor Michael Madsen, a frequent Tarantino collaborator, presented the game and will have a leading role in it. He also reminded us of how he's worked with TGA 2022 standout, Al Pacino: "I even made a picture with Mr. Al Pacino⁠—Donnay Brasco!"

Rockay City is set in, well, Rockay City, a fictional Miami-alike at the height of the go-go '90s. The retro neon vibe feels like an homage to GTA: Vice City, and similar to Rockstar's classic is banking on a stacked cast of crime movie standbys.

In addition to Madsen in the starring role, Rockay City's cast will include voice and mo-cap performances by Kim Basinger, Damien Poitier, Danny Trejo, Danny Glover (hell yeah), Michael Rooker... and Vanilla Ice? Walker, Texas Ranger star and early internet meme vanguard Chuck Norris also joins the cast.

505 describes Rockay City as "a first person shooter heist game, playable solo or with friends." Rockay City is set to release on March 28, 2023, and will be an Epic Games Store Exclusive.

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