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Creative Assembly hiring for "multi-platform AAA blockbuster"

Alien: Isolation

Good news! Hmm, maybe that exclamation mark is a tad too definitive. You see, new job listings by The Creative Assembly suggests the team responsible for Alien: Isolation is moving on to something new. That could mean a sequel to PC Gamer's 2014 GOTY, which could mean another campaign of horror at the hands of a seemingly unstoppable, perfect organism. So "good," but in a pretty speculative and potentially terrifying way.

Good news‽

The job listing that caught the eye of Z-Giochi is for an Online/Muliplayer Programmer. The ad states CA is "creating another multi-platform AAA blockbuster," and lists PC, Xbox One and PS4 as platforms.

The multi-platform specification tells us its not a new Total War, as does the fact that the job is specifically listed as for the "Console Team," not the Total War team.

We know that an Alien: Isolation sequel has been discussed by the studio, and it seems more likely that it'll be that than, say, a Viking: Battle for Asgard sequel. If it is Alien, the need for a multiplayer programmer inherently implies a multiplayer component. That could be an interesting progression for the series.

Thanks, Videogamer.

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