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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive might be getting a PUBG-style battle royale mode

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As you might have noticed, the battle royale genre is as popular now as it's ever been. Games like PUBG, Fortnite and H1Z1 have struck a chord with players, and a number of other games now include their own interpretations of the genre—not least GTA Online and Ark: Survival Evolved. Now, it appears Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is next in line for the battle royale treatment. 

That's according to the Valve News Network, whose latest video examines CS:GO's patches dating back to May 2016. Within, creator Tyler McVicker considers a number of references within each of the shooter's updates that haven't yet made it into the game—such as compound bows, bare-fisted combat, adrenaline shots, breach charges, sonar pulses and MK2 grenades, among a number of other as yet absent features consistent with the battle royale genre.

Beyond the arsenal of features VNN points to there, mentions of the de_canals and survival_island maps (around the 1.20 mark above) make for particularly interesting viewing.

I'd now like to pass this over to all the CS:GO-ers out there. Can we expect a battle royale mode at some point down the line? Let us know in the comments south of here.  

Thanks, VG24/7.