Corsair's K65 LUX mechanical keyboard is down to $80 at Amazon ($50 off)

(Image credit: Corsair)

Are you looking for a new gaming keyboard? If so, the Corsair K65 LUX is a great option, and now it's back down to its lowest-ever price of $79.99. That's $50 off MSRP, though the price has fluctuated quite a bit over the past few months.

This keyboard has a tenkeyless design with a sleek anodized aluminum body, a large optional wrist rest on the bottom. There are also dedicated volume buttons, but sadly, the media controls are still on the function row. The rest of the design isn't bad at all, though.

CORSAIR K65 LUX | $79.99 ($50 off)

CORSAIR K65 LUX | $79.99 ($50 off)
This slick tenkeyless keyboard from Corsair is $50 off the original MSRP.

The keys use Cherry MX Red switches, and there's per-key RGB lighting, so you can do fun rainbow color patterns with Corsair's iCUE desktop software. Or you can keep it as a solid color, if you want to be boring. That's fine too, I guess.

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