Corsair's Glaive RGB gaming mouse adapts to your grip style

Most (not all) gaming mice take a one-size-fits-all approach. Whereas the majority of mice typically do not account for different and grip styles, Corsair's new Glaive RGB rodent comes with interchangeable magnetic thumb grips to help gamers find a better fit.

"Some prefer a wider palm grip, others finger-tip control, with a wide spectrum of styles in between. Glaive RGB combines a sweeping contoured shape with three interchangeable magnetic grips, allowing it to adapt in seconds for a customized fit," Corsair says.

One of the grips features smooth curves, another offers a rubberized texture, and yet another presents gamers with a wide thumb rest. All three attach to the main body, which itself has an arched spine.

Beyond the grip amenities, the Glaive RGB pairs a custom PMW3367 16,000 dpi (adjustable down to 100 dpi) optical sensor with six programmable buttons. Users can save five custom dpi settings to the Glaive RGB's 8MB of onboard memory and toggle between them on-the-fly.

Inside the Glaive RGB are Omron switches rated for up to 50 million clicks.

Other notables include an aluminum scroll wheel with rubber grip, multi-color three-zone backlighting, and the ability to calibrate the Glaive RGB to different surfaces.

The Glaive RGB is available now direct from Corsair for $70.

Paul Lilly

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