Corsair’s feature-rich Platinum K95 mechanical keyboard is on sale for $110

Corsair’s feature-rich Platinum K95 mechanical keyboard is on sale for $110
Ditch that squishy membrane keyboard and score a deal on one of the best mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX Brown key switches. (Image credit: Corsair)

There are certain things I try to avoid doing at all costs. You know, things like overpaying on taxes, eating bugs or pretty much anything else Andrew Zimmern highlights on Bizarre Foods, and typing on a membrane keyboard (not necessarily in that order). I can't help you with your taxes or cuisine, but if you're looking to upgrade to a proper deck, check out this deal for Corsair's Platinum K95, one of the best mechanical keyboards around.

The Platinum K95 with Cherry MX Brown key switches is on sale at Best Buy for $109.99. That's $90 below its list price, and though it usually sells for less than its MSRP, the sale price is still well below its average of $166 and change (based on its price history on Amazon). This is also the lowest price it's ever been.


Corsair Platinum K95 Mechanical Keyboard | Cherry MX Brown | $109.99 (save $90 over list)
Corsair's feature-rich Platinum K95 is one of the best gaming keyboards, and is now available for an all-time low.

If you need a rundown on mechanical key switches, check out our complete guide to mechanical keyboard switches for gaming. In short, Cherry MX Brown switches have a tactile bump and are quieter than those clicky Cherry MX Blues (though not silent).

The Platinum K95 employs them on the version that is for sale. Other features include an aluminum frame, dedicated volume and media controls, a set of gaming/macro keys on the left-hand side, a detachable wrist rest, and of course RGB lighting

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