Corsair launches the Xeneon, its first ever gaming monitor

Corsair Xeneon on a desk with other corsair products.
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Corsair celebrates the end of September with the launch of its very first gaming monitor. The Xeneon launches today, with the official name of Xeneon 32QHD165, and with it comes the opportunity to officially cover your entire desk with Corsair products, if that's your sort of thing.

You can plug your Corsair One gaming PC into your new Corsair Xeneon gaming monitor, with a Corsair K100 keyboard and Corsair M65 mouse sitting on top of a vast Corsair mouse mat. And it doesn't stop there: 2021 has been an exciting year as the company continues to expand its product portfolio, with its first webcam, the FaceCam, launching only a few months ago under one of its acquired brands, Elgato. 

But back to the screen-shaped matter at hand, the Xeneon. This is a sizable 32-inch 1440p monitor with super-thin bezels. The IPS LED panel ensures a colorful and bright gameplay experience, according to Corsair, and we're in the process of testing the screen ourselves and can confirm it's a great panel. 

The monitor supports a refresh rate as high as 165Hz, which is likely to be an 'overclocked' number, and means you may have to dive into the OSD to enable it.

The monitor stand takes advantage of Corsair's rapid route cable management system, which helps hide unsightly cables. As someone trying to set up a new home office, I appreciate any sort of built-in cable management solution, primarily to hide my freakishly long DisplayPort and HDMI cables.

Two Corsair Xeneons on desk with other corsair products.

(Image credit: Corsair)
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Corsair's new screen will also work with iCue, manage all the screen settings, save your presets, and be mounted on Elgato's intense modular rigging system for content creators. 

There is no word on whether this will be the only gaming monitor or the vanguard for a whole line of gaming monitors. It would be nice to see a 1080p and 4K version of this display in different sizes, though.

Our initial experience with the Xeneon is that it's a really impressive first screen from Corsair, but if the expected sticker price of $799 (£799) turns out to be the final price, that's quite a lot for a 1440p display. Even a broad 32-inch one. But our full review will be here soon, so stay tuned.

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