Corsair launches new cases, coolers and light kits


What should one call Corsair now that it's no longer easy to pigeon hole as a memory manufacturer or SSD supplier? With its keyboards, cases, mice and headsets it's becoming the company of all things, and there's a couple of quirky new products launched today which expand its oeuvre once again.

Over at CES in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, Corsair is busy showing off its new Link Commander and Link Cooling kits. The principle behind Link is a complete monitoring and real time tweaking platform for your PC. Heatsinks like the H80 CPU cooler and Airflow Pro memory fan attach to a front panel mounted control box, which in turn is run via Windows desktop software.

The idea is that you can adjust fan speeds at the click of a mouse. Normally I'd prefer to do this using a hardware controller on the front of the case, on account of the fact that I won't even load keyboard drivers into the background of my gaming PC. However, Corsairs system also comes with LED lighting tubes capable of illuminating the inside of your case with 16million colours, so a more sophisticated control is necessary.

All in the Cooling and Light kits cost $139, but you can buy them separately for less.

As well as the Corsair Link kits, there's also a couple of new cases on display at CES. The Carbide 300R is the new $89 budget enclosure – which is said to be big enough to house an oversized graphics card. The Obsidian 550D, meanwhile, is a top of the range aluminium and steel monster with noise dampening built in. That'll cost $159 when it becomes available in February.