Corsair launches a $400 racing chair for long-haul gaming sessions

It was almost a year ago when Corsair launched its first gaming chair, the T1 Race. Now there is a revised version of that same chair, along with a new entry with more premium features, the T2 Road Warrior.

Shown above is the newly constructed T2 Road Warrior. It has a steel skeleton covered in perforated PU leather, and sits on a cast aluminum base with rollerblade style caster wheels.

There are eight different ways you can adjust the T2 Road Warrior. It has 4D armrests that move up and down, slide in or away from the seat, and move forwards and backwards. They even rotate, so you should be able to find a comfortable position no matter what you preference is. Note that we haven't tested one of these (yet).

Of course, you can also adjust the seat's height and rotate all the away around. The base offers 17 degrees of tilt, while the entire back reclines up to 170 degrees to lay nearly flat.

"While it’s adjustable in eight different ways, the T2 Road Warrior is incredibly easy to assemble. No extra tools are required, and a two-minute how-to video is all the instruction you need to get your T2 Road Warrior out of the shop and ready for battle," Corsair said.

The chair comes with adjustable neck and lumbar pillows wrapped in microfiber fabric. According to Corsair, it's a comfortable chair to plop your backside for long gaming sessions.

In addition to the new T2 Road Warrior, Corsair updated its T1 Race for 2018. It's similar to the T2 Road Warrior, but is made from ABS plastic, is less wide, reclines a bit further to 180 degrees, and the seat pan does not tilt.

Corsair lists the weight limit at 300 pounds (140kg) on the T2 Road Warrior and 264 pounds (120kg) on the T1 Race.

Both chairs are available now in a variety of colors. These aren't cheap, however—the T1 Race goes for $350 and the T2 Road Warrior goes for $400. If those don't sound appealing, we have other recommendations.

Paul Lilly

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