Corsair Lapdog control center is on sale for $59

Steam's Big Picture mode has made it a bit easier for PC users to play games in the living room, but if you're not ready to embrace Valve's somewhat awkward Steam Controller, you have other options. One of them is Corsair's Lapdog, which is currently on sale for $59.

The lapdog is a keyboard dock with a built-in 11-inch by 11-inch mouse pad area that rests on your lap (it has a removable memory foam lap cushion). It's designed to accommodate Corsair's K70 and K65 series keyboards—that limits your keyboard options, though both are popular boards.

There's a built-in powered USB 3.0 hub for connecting things like a headset and game controller, or to charge your phone or tablet. There is also a hidden compartment to hide cables, though you'll still need to string a long cable to your PC—this isn't a wireless accessory.

Corsair has the Lapdog marked down to $80 (from $120), which it is labeling as a "special price." However, both Amazon and Newegg also have Corsair beat with a sale price of $59.

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Paul Lilly

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