Corsair keeps the light show going with more fan and lighting controllers

For those of you who want to level up your LED skills, Corsair today announced a bunch of new products that will have you do exactly that. Among them are new Link fan and lighting controllers, along with a new series of RGB cooling fans.

The big new release is Corsair's Commander Pro. It's a decked out fan controller that puts you in command of up to six 4-pin PWM fans, which you can adjust from a dead stop on up to maximum speed (and anything in between). You can also use programmable fan curves.

In addition to adjusting fan speed, the Commander Pro includes RGB lighting channels to put you in charge of the light show. It also boasts four thermistor inputs to draw temperature data from anywhere in your system. This allows you to program fan speeds and lighting effects to respond to different thermal conditions, such as illuminating shades of red as certain sections heat up.

Finally, Corsair equipped its Commander Pro with a couple of USB 2.0 headers so that you can attacked other Link products, such as certain model power supplies and liquid coolers.

Corsair also announced its Lighting Node Pro that looks like a smaller version of the Commander Pro. It's used strictly for controller lighting effects, both from RGB fans and dedicated RGB lighting strips.

Lastly, Corsair rolled out a new HD140 RGB fan. It has a dozen individually addressable LEDs for 360 degrees of RGB lighting. The 4-pin PWM fan also has thin fan blades and a hydraulic bearing for low noise operation.

The Commander Pro ($70), Lighting Node Pro ($60), and HD140 RGB fan ($35) are all available now direct from Corsair.

Paul Lilly

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